Window Repair and Restoration


Repairing of the existing windows is kept with its architectural style and it enriches both the value and the look of your property.
There are many varied styles and patterns of windows that we are able to replicate using mouldings of the original shape. We can replace the whole window or just the sliding parts only if the existing frames are in good enough shape and condition.


Style, Quality, Luxury


During the full refurbishment of this two floor apartment we have performed both renovation works as well as some structural alterations of the property. In this project we have removed some of the partitioning walls in the flat, which has opened up the living room and created more space for our clients. We have also completed an extensive kitchen and bathroom refurbishment including tiling, decorating and new appliances throughout. We have prepared the flooring, installed a new wooden floor with heating throughout the apartment, and followed by painting, fixtures, and fittings of build in storage.
 The finished apartment looks impressive - exceeding our client’s expectations!